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ScreenShots for Version 1.1
New features:
  • When you submit a sale you can add the store's webpage
  • Vist the store's webpage
  • You can modify old sales

When you click on a pin, the balloon that appears may have two "hidden" buttons, as is shown in the figure on the left.

If you click on the left button (the one with the calligraphic "i" letter), you will go to the Second tab to read more information about that store sale. If, instead, you click on the right button (it has the image of the ">" symbol), you will visit the store's webpage

Please, note that the left button will always be visible. On the other hand, the right button will be visible only if the store has a webpage.

When you go to the "Submit" tab, in the top left corner you see the "Modify Old Sales" button. Clicking on that button will show a list of all the sales that you have submitted..

In this figure we see all the sales that we have submitted. If we click on the "Close" button, we will dismiss that list.

If you select a sale from that list, you will be able to modify that list. Please, note that you can change the sale description, the sale duration (if one exists), and the store's webpage.

At the bottom of that screen, you see two buttons: If you click on the "Save" button, you submit your changes to the server. If, instead, you click on the "Delete"button, you delete that sale from the server. There is no way to recover a deleted sale.

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